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Kudzu: The Unsung Rejuvenating Herb!

Kudzu (Pueraria Lobata).
Pueraria in Latin means “Childhood”.
The name is derived from its ability to preserve youthful looking skin and hair.

Kudzu Roots

Kudzu Flower

Kudzu Leaves

Kudzu, a remarkable plant belonging to the pea family Fabaceae, offers numerous benefits for the skin. Packed with a powerful antioxidant that surpasses the potency of glutathione by 10 times, it effectively combats free radicals, preserving the skin’s youthful appearance. Kudzu’s anti-glycation activity helps prevent premature aging, while its ability to increase collagen synthesis promotes skin firmness and elasticity. By reducing melanin synthesis, it aids in achieving a brighter and more even skin tone. Additionally, kudzu counteracts the tanning and aging effects of the sun, providing a shield of protection. Through its rejuvenating properties, kudzu works from the inside out, revitalizing the skin and promoting a radiant and healthy complexion.

The extracts from Kudzu prevent early aging of skin & hair. They act as powerful ANTI-OXIDANTS to neutralize oxidative stress generated in skin & hair due to various factors.

Kudzu is ANTI- INFLAMMATORY and has the ability to decrease pro-inflammatory mediator release, which cause inflammatory processes leading to skin & hair damage.

Premature Hair Greying & Skin Aging are both a complex interplay of internal as well as external factors. Free radical theory explains how melanocytes in hair bulbs & skin cells are prone to oxidative damage. In theory, hair greying & skin aging could be prevented if reactive oxygen species are adequately removed by effective antioxidants. The antioxidant activity of kudzu is due to bio-actives, such as puerarin and daidzein.

Kudzu also has a time-tested safety record when used as food or traditional medicine. Chinese healers have used kudzu orally to treat high blood pressure, chest pain and to minimize alcohol cravings.