Trqois Terra

Why Us

Trqois Terra is India’s pioneering skin and hair care brand, led by a professional dermatologist. Our Nature Based products harness the potency of pure, earth-sourced ingredients, while incorporating cutting-edge clinical research and technology. Our formulas are scientifically tested and proven to produce remarkable results, offering hydration for dry skin, strength for brittle hair, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.We prioritize excellence and utilize meticulously selected, high-quality components. Additionally, our cruelty-free and chemical-free approach ensures a beauty routine that is both nature-friendly and efficacious. Experience the harmonious blend of nature’s power and scientific advancements with Trqois Terra.

Trqois Terra symbolizes the harmony between the elements of nature, inspired by the YIN-YANG ☯ philosophy symbolizing harmonious interplay between Nature & Science for a healthy existence. Trqois is derived from Turquoise, a healing stone with a beautiful greenish-blue color, and Terra stands for mother earth, our source of life and nourishment.

A brainchild of Dr. Pooja Gupta, a medical and cosmetic dermatologist with many years of experience in India and abroad, Trqois Terra brings you the best of nature and science for your skin and hair care needs. We are passionate about creating products that are eco-friendly, affordable and effective, using natural ingredients and scientific knowledge.

Experience the Power of Kudzu

Trqois Terra is India’s first Kudzu based skin care brand. Trqois Terra utilizes the power of Kudzu (Pueraria Lobata), derived from its roots, flowers, and leaves, to create exceptional skin and hair care solutions. Originating from India, China, Japan, and Korea, this climbing vine has long been revered in traditional Asian foods and herbal medicines. Scientifically proven, Kudzu extracts prevent premature aging by combating oxidative stress and reducing inflammation, safeguarding the skin and hair from damage.

Trqois Terra Products are

All our products undergo rigorous scientific testing for complete safety and reliability

We are committed to a nature-based, clean and pure experience for stress-free hair and skin care

We believe in ethical treatment of animals. Products are not tested on animals

We promote inclusivity, diversity and allow you to embrace your personal preference

Developed by an experienced dermatologist

Hi! I am Dr. Pooja Gupta, a healthcare professional with years of experience as a medical & cosmetic dermatologist and also as a medical advisor to prominent pharmaceutical companies across India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. My diverse experience and desire to innovate made me create India’s first Kudzu Based Skin and Hair care brand Trqois Terra. My firm belief is that our daily skin and hair products must not only groom, but also repair and revitalize our skin & hair, thus enabling us to preserve our natural youthful beauty.
The challenges of our ever-changing society, engulfed in environmental pollution and stress can harm our natural beauty and there must be natural yet scientific ways to prevent the damage.