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Braids Decoded: 6 Hair Care Secrets You Need to Know




There is wisdom in learning from history. Whenever I’m faced with a challenge in my life which seems difficult to solve with my current knowledge & skill, I tend to go back and see how our older generations handled similar issues. While fielding queries like how to take care of hair, I realised that over years, we have almost completely eliminated braids from our routine.

Since many months, rather years, like any other city dweller, I have dealt with hair loss and frizzy unmanageable hair. Call me old school, but in today’s era of hair straightening, bleaching, colouring, perming, hair botox, and other innumerable treatments being offered at prohibitive costs at salons, I still stand my ground and have never once gone for any of these treatments.

Being a Dermatologist by qualification and a traditionalist by upbringing, my training tells me to look for safety first, then merit in whatever new technique or product I come across. I have happily adopted laser treatments for skin, platelet rich plasma treatments for skin & hair, some injectables like botox and limited use of dermal fillers in my practice. So, I’m not against scientific advancements but totally against any new techniques which are harmful for health and introduced with the primary purpose of commercial gain.

While I am always cautious about new techniques and products, I am also open to traditional methods and hair care tips that have been used for centuries to promote healthy hair. One such timeless technique that combines both fashion and hair health is braiding.

6 Hair Care Secrets of Braiding

Braiding has been used in many cultures for centuries to protect and style hair, but it also offers a number of hair care benefits. Here are 6 secrets you need to know about braiding your hair.

1. Braiding Strengthens and Protects Your Hair Structure

The first and foremost advantage of hair braiding lies in its ability to prevent hair breakage and strengthen the hair structurally. A well-executed braid can serve as a protective shield for your hair, safeguarding it from the rigours of daily life.

Exposure to the sun’s harmful rays and environmental pollutants can wreak havoc on your hair, causing split ends and dryness. However, by braiding your hair before stepping out, you create a barrier that minimizes exposure to these stress-inducing factors.

2. Braiding Promotes Hair Growth and Protects the Scalp

Braiding can help to promote hair growth by stimulating blood circulation to the scalp. When your scalp is healthy, your hair follicles are better able to produce new hair strands.

It can help to protect your scalp from the sun, wind, and other environmental factors. This is important for maintaining a healthy scalp, which is essential for healthy hair growth.

3. Locks in Moisture and Nourishment

Well-hydrated and nourished hair is healthy hair. Braiding can help with moisture retention in the hair, particularly for individuals with dry or curly hair types. By braiding the hair, moisture from the scalp and hair care products can be sealed into the hair shaft, reducing dryness and frizz.

4. Overnight Hair Care

Turn your sleep into a part of your hair care routine. Braiding your hair before bedtime can yield remarkable results. This practice reduces friction between your hair and the pillow cover, minimizing the wear and tear your hair experiences during the night.

5. Bid Farewell to Split Ends and Frizzy Hair

Braiding can provide a degree of protection against split ends by reducing exposure to environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution. Split ends are often a result of damage to the hair shaft, which braiding can help mitigate. The moisture-locking prowess of braids is a powerful tool against frizz and dryness too.

6. Braids done right are never too tight

Trichologists and hair care experts emphasize the importance of avoiding excessively tight braids, taking breaks between braiding styles, and ensuring that the scalp and hair are well-moisturized and cared for during the braiding process.

While the benefits of hair braiding are undeniable, it’s important to exercise caution. I would advise against keeping your hair tied in braids for more than 7-8 hours a day. Additionally, avoid tight braids that place undue strain on your hair follicles, which can lead to hair loss. Opt for comfortable braiding styles and be mindful of not causing excessive tension on your hair roots.

Hair Care Routine and Braids: A Perfect Match

After years of observation and experimentation, I have now been able to craft a hair care regime for keeping your tresses calm and frizz-free without any expensive and harmful permanent chemical treatments. I would like to share it with all of you.

Bedtime or I would say late evening routine is very important to have lovely hair the next morning. It incorporates all around hair care and doesn’t take much time on a daily basis.

  • Hair care on a typical day should start with a scalp nourishing hair serum or a nourishing oil (if planned hair wash next day) applied around 2 hrs before bedtime.
  • After serum or oil application, section your hair into 2-4 parts and braid them medium tight, so there is just enough traction to keep hair straight but not too much to cause excess traction on the scalp. That’s it.
  • Sleep with these braids and open them only next morning just before you leave for work or getting ready to go out.
  • Apply your favourite hair mist or serum, once you open the braids next morning, to keep them fresh through the day. Of course, eating healthy and regular exercise is essential. 

If you are looking for a nature-based hair serum that rejuvenates and protects your hair and scalp, check out Dr. Pooja’s Trqois Terra Scalp & Hair Serum.

You can fully unlock the potential of braiding for promoting hair growth and maintaining the health and beauty of your precious mane by complementing it with a regular hair care regimen under the guidance of an expert. 

So, go ahead, call your stylist or enlist the help of a friend, and discover the transformative power of braids for yourself. Your hair will thank you for it.

I would love to hear from you, so, do share your feedback down in the comments section.

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