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Face Yoga

We all know about the countless rewards of Yoga for the body and its holistic benefits for our health. Being our traditional knowledge, we should be deriving more value from it. We have conducted research in the field of Yoga and have developed exercise routine which is especially designed for facial muscles. These exercises are developed keeping in mind the traditional knowledge of yoga, scientific research and their medical benefits for facial skin and muscles.

Regular and customised FACE YOGA will provide forever youthful and glowing skin. The customisation will be provided by the Doctor after the analysis of your facial profile.

What is FACE YOGA?

It is the set of ‘asanas’ or exercises developed particularly for facial muscles.

Facial muscles are those which we need to express different emotions – to laugh, to smile, to frown, to show our anger. They also help our vital sensory organs like eyes to work by opening and shutting the lids. Likewise muscles around the mouth help us in chewing, speaking, making sounds and controlling movement of our mouth.

When we are young that is until we are in our childhood phase, we have a full range of expressions. Children cry, laugh and shout without any inhibitions. They use all their facial muscles with the array of expressions they make. As we grow older we become less expressive, using selected facial muscles more than the others. This causes some of muscles to hyper trophy (or become more prominent) due to overuse, and some become lax (or atrophy) because of under-use. This explains, wrinkles around eyes, lines on the forehead, fine lines around lips and pinched cheeks.
What are the reasons behind developing signs of aging?

There are various factors that can intensify the aging of skin and specifically for face. The most common being external stimuli which impact the face most. Be it influence of weather or the pollutants, it is difficult to save the contact with face.

Further, as discussed above, age causes atrophy along with laxity of muscles which causes sagging of skin.

The degeneration of subcutaneous fat, collagen and elastin fibre are all related with the development of signs of aging.

Another significant factor which we tend to forget is the effect of gravity on our skin. Like everything else, the skin is also pulled towards the centre of Earth by its gravitational pull causing it to sag with age.

With the techniques of Face Yoga, we aim to bring back the youthful appearance by balanced improvement of muscle tone and relaxing of muscles, depending on your facial profile.

When should the FACE YOGA be started?

It works best when it is started in your early 30’s or when the first lines of aging start to show up. We must remember that this technique is an injection free, chemical free, painless and long term method of keeping your face youthful and glowing forever.

It is pertinent to note that Face Yoga is a preventive method to work towards a forever radiant skin. We must try to adopt the natural ways as far as possible, instead of chemical options, which are short-term and require recurring application.

In order to yield the benefits from this program all that is required is a basic sense of discipline at your end, because you will need to devote 5-10 minutes of your time twice a day for at least 5 days in a week, on a regular basis to achieve and maintain full benefits.

What is unique about our FACE YOGA program?

This program has been devised with a lot of thought and deliberation, by combined efforts from me and Apoorva (our certified Yoga Instructor), and it focuses on customisation based on your facial features and regular follow-up for 3 months, to ensure that you stick to the plan.

So, we will teach you how to do these exercises and also help you to get into the discipline of making it a part of your lifestyle.

You must remember that this program helps to take control in your own hands for the signs of aging to appear on your face. You do not need to become dependent on chemical solutions.

Thus, Face Yoga is a cost-effective and natural method for a beautiful you inside and out by making only one-time investment of learning the right techniques and imbibing them in your lifestyle.

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