Trqois Terra

Dr. Pooja’s Trqois Terra Intense Nourishing Under Eye Cream


Trqois Terra’s Kudzu-based Under Eye Cream, a breakthrough in skincare. This exceptional cream combines potent natural moisturizers, antioxidants, soothing butters, and gentle exfoliants to provide remarkable benefits. Revitalize dull, dark, and puffy under-eye areas while preventing the appearance of fine lines. The cream effectively improves skin damage caused by aging, physical stress, and environmental factors,…


Key Ingredients

Korean Kudzu

Aloe Vera

Coffee Beans

How to apply

  1. Gently cleanse the skin around the eyes to remove any sweat, dust, make-up residue.
  2. Take an appropriate amount of the cream with your clean & dry fingertip.
  3. Apply as dots over under eye skin on both sides and gently massage to blend the dots.
  1. The same procedure can be followed for cream application over skin on upper eye lids.
  2. Apply twice daily for best results.
  3. Avoid getting cream into the eyes.

Product Highlights

Nature Based

Toxin & Heavy Metal Free

For Men + Women

Cruelty Free

Dermatologically Tested

Customer Reviews

Blind buy

Great results, happy with my purchase, will buy again



My eyes look so fresh now! Highly recommend it!

Prachi Sharma


This cream is fantastic, thanks trqois terra

Shama Javed


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